What we do for our association 2015 - 2016?

The Media and IT was once again successful in problem-solving and supporting AVWA staff in 2016, students and clients in a highly demanding and changing environment.

 Reliability and stability were of enormous concern to AVWA staff. To address these concerns, we researched and were approved to migrate from commercial ADSL2+ to fibre optic internet connection. This change dramatically supports our team in uploading news for events and media purposes, but also significantly reduces AVWA staff and students’ dissatisfaction and frustration with the formerly unstable connection. Also, with the expansion of AVWA to Springvale, our team is active in helping with site inspection, electricity and Internet connections, and of course, technical support related to Information and Technology.

 In early 2015, the new AVWA website was launched to serve our clients and the general community better. The Media and IT team did not stop there as it continued to focus on the development of AVWA website. The bilingual English and Vietnamese is to serve the members of the community with limited English language ability.


 Media had a marked expansion with staff writer Hanh Bui, continuing to release a bundle of quality articles in Vietnamese newspapers to inform the public about our activities and events which are also uploaded on our website at www.avwa.org.au. Furthermore, our Home Care Package and Training ads were posted to Tivi Tuan San on a weekly basis. As a result, the AVWA profile has become more prominent in the Vietnamese community. Additionally, some important articles were also posted for the purpose of teaching and raising public awareness. An example of this is the “Tuổi Trẻ và cờ bạc” - Nhân Quyền, issue 1507, in which youngsters can find out gambling prevention information.

 Our performance was not only in the office environment; we were also proud to be part of the success of the Environment Expo run by Thien Kim Truong and other staff and the book launch - “South Vietnamese Soldiers: Memories of the Vietnam War and After” written by Ass. Prof. Nathalie Nguyen. For these external events, we played a significant role in photographing, printing, designing, etc… to help these events to reach their goals and be recorded for the future.

 With the growth of AVWA, our Media and IT and aims to enhance capabilities to meet our current and future needs as well as changes in the community services sector. With the opening of the third AVWA office in Springvale means there are big challenges for our team in the next year, therefore, continuous maintenance and upgrades are to ensure increased security, stability and system accessibility,

Xuan Dung Huynh

Media and Information Technology Coordinator

Dung Hoang Nguyen,             IT Technical Support (01/07/2015-31/12/2016)

The Ly                                     IT Technical Support (From 04/01/2016)

Trung Nguy                             Web Site Designer (From 01/04/2016)

Cam Nguyen,                          Editor and English language Proofreader

Thanh Kham Tran Dang,        Editor and Vietnamese language Proofreader

Huy Luu,                                 Vietnamese Language Proofreader

Hanh Bui,                                Vietnamese Writer