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Media and Information Technology


During 2013-2014, The Media and IT Team continued to produce and distribute 6000 copies of the “Phụ Nũ Việt” bilingual magazine, “Bản Tin” newsletter and the Annual Report 2012-2013, help maintain and update our website We have also recorded major events including Harmony Day, 10th Anniversary Celebration of Home Care Packages Program – Western Region, Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, etc... Other activities ranged from emailing invitation letters, to creating flyers, brochures and photo panels.

On Christmas 2013, we successfully restored and upgraded our website after eradicating the “Pharma Hack”. We appreciated our CEO, the President and a few other members who discovered and alerted us on time.


In July 2013, The Media and Information Technology Team replaced all the desktops in the Richmond office  computer class. On a daily basis, we maintain eighty eight Microsoft Windows 7 desktop computers and laptops and seven Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 & Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. We have continued to support and upgrade  other softwares like: MYOB, Carelink+, FULLADIS, ACE, VETtrak, …

In the future, the team will continue to update AVWA  IT infrastructure and provide IT and technical support to the organisation and make sure that all staff have adequate and necessary IT knowledge and tools to help them work more effectively. We are looking forward to another fun and successful year with AVWA and to their ever changing IT landscape.


Coordinator: Xuan Dung Huynh

Technical Support Officers: Huy Luu, Tram Ly

Editors: Cam Nguyen, Thanh Kham Tran Dang

English Language Proofreader: Cam Nguyen

Vietnamese Language Proofreaders: Thanh Kham Tran Dang, Huy Luu

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