Benefits Of Working For AVWA

AVWA – A Great Employer

Although it is likely that most not-for-profit organisations cannot pay as well as private companies or large government agencies, they often make up for it by providing excellent benefits. Great not-for-profit organisations do not skimp on benefits. They make every effort to be competitive with the private sector and even go beyond what is expected.

Here are seven dimensions that AVWA does best to benefit its staff in:

1. Leadership and planning

AVWA has been extremely stable with its CoM, CEO and management team. And we have been growing not only rapidly but also steadily over the years, in both income and assets. This provides staff with peace of mind that if they work with us, their financial stability is secure.


2. Culture and communications

- “Chung Một Mái Nhà” – We treat each other like family members

- We share the culture and language

- All staff have the chance to have their voice heard at all levels

- Respect is one of the six core values


3. Pay and benefits

- SCHCDS Award with all entitlements, compatible with other NFPs

- Salary Packaging - increase your take-home pay

- Phone allowance

- Birthday gift

- Great benefit with Employer-funded Paid Parental Leave (Conditions applied)

- Wellness being with Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

- Bonding lunches/coffees all year round

- Extra paid day for Vietnamese New Year

- Red-envelops (vouchers) on Vietnamese New Year

- 12 personal leave days a year

- Flexible scheduling of work hours

- Flexible working arrangements, with partial work from home, allowing work/life balance

- Generous and flexible vacation time

- In-house hiring and promotions

- Free flu shots

- Onsite fitness facilities

- Extra leave and or benefits can be approved to take care of staff mental health and well being


4. Training, development, and resources

- Two full-day internal PDs

- External training, forums

- Program/project-specific training

- Support with flexible hours, paid-hours to pursue further qualifications

- Good IT facilities


5. Engagement

- All staff have the chance to have their voice heard at all levels

- Frequent team meetings, staff meetings

- Inclusion is one of our core values: no one is bullied, left out or discriminated against.


6. Role satisfaction

- Getting paid to do charitable work!

- No micro-management

- Room for self-development and career progress

- Excellence and Innovation are two of the six core values


7. Work environment

- Three offices

- Good IT facilities

- Adequate office facilities and amenities


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