Future Planning - Senior Rights

(Photo source: https://seniorsrights.org.au/resources-education/videos/future-planning-in-other-languages/)

Thanks to a grant from the Victorian Law Foundation (VLF), SRV worked with Polaron and Seven Dimensions to have the Planning Your Future video series translated and dubbed into Hindi, Vietnamese and Arabic.

These community languages were prioritised as we identified that there are fewer existing resources currently available.

You can view the video series in each language below. We also recommend accessing translated resources from the Office of the Public Advocate.


Original Post: https://seniorsrights.org.au/resources-education/videos/future-planning-in-other-languages/

English Videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLTCp4Sr6AXpSLpK43U-_Eg5b0wtGhb6F


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