Alcohol And Drug Treatment Counselling 

The AVWA Illicit Drug and Alcohol Treatment Counselling Service has been providing individual counselling, support and referrals concerning drug and alcohol treatment to the general Vietnamese community for over 14 years.

The service uses a face-to-face/telephone, individual case management approach to counselling which is consistent with the philosophy of harm minimisation. Our bilingual staff work within a counselling, consultancy and continuing care frame¬work, and develop an individual treatment plan with each client consisting of both short and long term goals, integrated referral process to services and programs offering diverse treatment options available in Australia. Staff are academically, culturally and linguistically qualified. All information obtained during counselling is kept strictly confidential, in accordance with state and federal privacy legislation.

In addition, we provide brokerage services to a wide range of mainstream organisations which want for their Vietnamese clients , culturally and linguistically appropriate counselling and support services of a consistently high and reliable quality.

Tuong Nguyen, Illicit Drug & Alcohol Treatment Counselling Coordinator, Counsellor