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The Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association Incorporated (AVWA), formerly, Australian Vietnamese Women’s Welfare Association, has been serving the community since its establishment on January 15th, 1983

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Yarra Multicultural Advisory Group (YMAG) 

Tuesday 7th August 2018

Venue: Richmond Town Hall - Meeting Room 1




The role of the Multicultural Advisory Group is to:

  • Build relationships and communication with multicultural communities in Yarra.
  • Meet other people in Yarra from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Find out what is going on at Yarra City Council and in the community
  • An opportunity to build relationships with us
  • Have your say in matters affecting multicultural communities
  • Build relationships and communicate with multicultural communities in Yarra. 

Who is on the Multicultural Advisory Group?

The committee is comprised of people in Yarra who either come from a multicultural background or have an interest in multicultural affairs.

The Councillor representative and chair is Cr Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei.

Councillors are appointed on an annual basis.