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Cultural and Language

Information plays a crucial role in preserving the culture and traditions of a community. By sharing and disseminating this information, the community can ensure that their heritage is passed down from one generation to the next. 

Moreover, information can also help to bridge the gap between different communities and enhance mutual understanding and respect. Therefore, it is important to value and uphold the importance of information in preserving and promoting Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese Language Services


Translation and other services:

  Translation between English and Vietnamese.

  Vietnamese translation checking: accuracy, context, cultural appropriateness, literacy appropriateness, targeted cohort appropriateness, etc.

Need help with filling forms (exlcude immigration and legal ones),  reading or translating letters, creating MyGov account? Please feel free to book an appointment with us, our volunteers are here to help.

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Nếu quý vị mong muốn đến trực tiếp văn phòng thì sau khi ngày và thời gian đã được xác nhận, nhân viên của Hội sẽ liên lạc lại để thông báo.

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We can help to share information on our Vietnamese media segments:

  Phu Nu Viet Magazine

  FB informative posts

  Articles and segments sent to other Vietnamese media outlet. 

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Vietnamese Cultural Services


As a not-for-profit organization, we organize cultural events to help the community. Our aim is to promote cultural awareness and diversity, while also providing educational and entertaining experiences for all who attend.

  Cultural events in the community and in the Justice System

  Cultural training to departmental personnel, non-Vietnamese groups and organisations

  Community engagement (focus groups and research - recruitment and facilitation)


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