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At AVWA, we warmly welcome volunteers and qualified individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. 

Our commitment to diversity fosters a vibrant work environment and helps us provide tailored development to the unique needs of our workforce

AVWA – An employer of choice

Great not-for-profit organisations do not skimp on benefits. They make every effort to be competitive with the private sector and even go beyond what is expected.

We are diverse

Having employees from different backgrounds and perspectives can lead to more creativity and innovation in our work. It's also important that we continue to actively seek out and hire a diverse range of candidates to ensure that our workplace is inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

Voluntary works

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding activity that provides numerous benefits to both the volunteer and the community they serve.

If you're looking for a way to make a meaningful impact, consider volunteering with us

Student placement

Are you looking for student placement opportunities? Look no further! We can help you experience or connect with you correct programs and resources

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